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Welcome to Bharatvas

A Place For Bharateeyan's - Creating a Global Village

“Ayam bandhurayam neti ganana laghuchetasam,
Udaracharitanam tu vasudhaiva kutubakam”

Meet Your Friends Here

One Place To Chat- Call- Jobs- and More

Who discriminate: ‘This one is a friend and that one a stranger’ are people with petty minds.
people with evolved consciousness embrace the entire world as their own family

Your origin to Success Starts Here

Join our Desi Club Groups you get the maximum flexibility and advantages such as:

  • Wide range of groups and topics
  • Comfortable  environment

It is a community portal for People

  •  To connect with People in all over the world regarding information related to education, job opportunities,
    immigration, business etc.
  •  living in a country to find local communities, to get comprehensive information regarding local
    events, movie updates, classifieds etc.
  •  seeking expert advice regarding education, employment, hospitality, business networking, immigration
    policies and investment opportunities available across the world.
  •  Come let us connect, help, and celebrate

Take the Next Step Towards Achieving Personal and Professional Goals

85% of people who work on building and improving their skills report career benefits such as promotions, salary increases, and career development

Join Desi Club Groups and Chat With Indian People

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